Sunflower for peace

“Do good for others and good will come back to you in unexpected way.”

We all grew up listening this line from parents and teachers. The second part of this line holds the main driving force to help our heart blossoms with kind act of sharing. 

Sadly we cannot share the pain … pain of losing their loved ones, pain of witnessing the destruction of their den (they used to call it home), pain of losing their dignity of life, pain of living with broken heart and unforgettable-horrifying memory of the war and worry about their and their kids future. 

We can still help them to live the rest of their lives with the belief that humanity is not dead yet. We are still alive to give them a hope that their basic necessities like food, cloth, medicines, shelter will be met with the help of our donations. 

I heard that God makes artists (in every field) emotional with little stronger imagination power so that they can see and feel about other’s feelings. My sincere respect goes to every artist who is contributing their hard works and creativity to raise fund so that our brothers and sisters in war-hit Ukraine get some basic humanitarian help. I wouldn’t consider myself as a true artist if I cannot join hand with my artist community in the time when our presence is in need. 

In this journey I am making 10 different sunflower artworks using 10 different paint mediums and each of the painting carries a deep meaning associated with present situation and a hope for humanity. I found it very much challenging to keep myself motivated to achieve my target of 10paintigs-in-10mediums. Each time I had to remind myself about the limitations and unique advantages of each medium that I am using as the painting approach is different based on their properties. The only purpose of me choosing this crazy journey is to give audience wide range of choices to pick from while keeping the main focus intact (Sunflower for Ukraine). And I will be happy to create another painting for you with you choice of medium and sunflower/subject. 

I will be painting more sunflowers using acrylic, oil, mixed media, metallic water color and few more mediums. 

50% of the sold amount will be donated towards Ukraine humanitarian aids. Price of artworks mostly depends on the factors like: size of the artwork, time required to complete the artwork, cost of art supplies (paint, brush, canvas/art paper, Frame/Mat etc.), Idea behind the creation, time needed to study the subject and all. I tried my best to keep the price low (in comparison with my other paintings) and reasonable as I know that purpose of these creations are not for my personal business rather to help others. I will keep the 50% mainly to recover my material cost and only 20% of my work-hour cost so that I can invest my man power for future fundraising purposes. That way I am donating all my 100+ hours of work.

Donate for the real cause and bring home  bright sunflower(s) that will never dry up and will keep reminding you a reason of your existence in the beautiful world. 50% of the sold value will be donated to Red-cross. I will be sharing screenshot of confirmation mails for donation.

It’s okay if you don’t like my artwork, even I myself am not many times satisfied with the outcome. It’s NOT about liking or disliking my work, it’s all about caring and being part of the effort to raise fund so that some relief can be reached up to the receiver end ASAP. I will appreciate very much if you kindly share this message among your circle so that we can assure that more and more help reaches there. Just click the “share” tab to spread the word as any help will be appreciated.

If you are reading this message, you are already part of this journey to stand by those brothers and sisters who are suffering in Ukraine.

Please help:

#1.  Purchase any of the below artworks and I will donate 50%of the value received. Email me at to purchase. You can also email me if you want any custom order.

#2. If you don’t want to purchase any painting and want to make a donation, 100% of the donation will be sent to Ukraine humanitarian aids and you will receive a 4×4″ print of my sunflower painting titled “Looking at you” (that was nominated for award ) as a thanking token for your kind help. 

#3. Share this post among your circle to show that you care for those poor souls who deserve some humanitarian help to arrive sooner than later.

#4. If you are an artist and want to donate your creation for the same cause, email me with your details. I will be creating a dedicated guest artist section where all artists willing to join this fundraiser drive can upload their stuff with their contact details.

Enjoy the Sunflower paintings I have create especially to show my support for Ukraine.

Painting#1: “I’m still standing”, 5×7 inch, Watercolor pencils, completed in 6+hrs, SOLD and 100% value donated to Red-cross Ukraine.

I’m still standing

Click the below link to read my thoughts behind this painting:

Click the below link to see confirmation of donation:

Paintin #2: “A Heart full of Love”, 10X10 inch, Watercolor, completed in 6 hrs, SOLD and 50% value donated to Red-cross Ukraine.

Painting#3: “Harbingers of the victory”, 9X12 inch, Oil Pastels, completed in 8 hrs, comes will 12X16 inch mat, donated to a beautiful family as e welcome gift who has come to USA from Ukraine.

Painting#4:”Let me bloom”, Soft pastels, 18X14 inch framed, completed in 16+ hrs, $600.

Click the below link to read my thoughts behind this painting:

Painting#5: “Sun kissed flower”, Polychromous, 18X14 inch framed, completed in 8 hrs, $250.

Click the below link to read my thoughts behind this painting:

Painting#6:”Happy Faces“, Prismacolor, 18X14 inch framed, completed in 14 hrs, $250

Painting#7:”A beautiful world is waiting” 24X20 inch framed, Acrylic, completed in 100+ hrs, $2,000

Click here to read full description of the painting.

Can’t thank enough to those heroes who are physically present in that situation to help peoples directly by taking care of their needs. There is a chance to be a hero in our own view by donating as much as we can and spreading words for more help to come. 

“Sharing is caring” and I am sure that you are in it. 


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