I’m still standing

When the ground is filled with blood and sky is covered with smoke from blasts, superpowerful Sunrays got hidden …. There is a piece of land on mother Earth’s lap where sunflowers are still glowing bright. This brightness comes from their bravery, their undefeatable mental strength, their strong belief of the power of their unity, their indomitable courage …and their hope that sunflower will grow to glow with it’s glorious pride.

This is my tribute to all of them brave hearts who don’t know what “giving up” means. I feel helpless in this pathetic situation and this is the way I tried to express my pain with my small painting with powerful messages imposed.

Little explation:

#1.  Blast and smoke covered the sky with no sunlight (ground help) coming through.

#2. Blood shedding everywhere and cry for help.

#3. The little bud and blood on it represents those innocent kids who were killed in the war.

#4. The flowers in surrounding/background with burnt petals and blood on them represent the braveheart civilians who are joining the army to save their country.

#5. Leaves in the background represents all those innocent civilians who lost their lives in the war.

#6. Two big leaves, painted like army uniform represent the soldiers. I have no right word to express my respect for them.

#7. The sunflower is brightest object in my painting which represents not only their national flower but it is about them, people of Ukraine. There is no country in the world like you, there is no country in the world can be more proud than you, there is no place in the world where sunflower glows bright with its own inner fire of courage, unity and love for their motherland, and where sunflower don’t need the sun to survive. You all will be survived forever.

#8. The bright baby leaf is the sign of hope. Ukraine will win against all odds and it will glow brighter than kohinoor.

Painting details:

5×7″ painting on watercolor paper.

Medium used: watercolor pencils, pen, soft pastel, acrylic.

Due to an un-planned cortisone shot in my right wrist, I had to limit my painting size as I didn’t want to wait for the pain to come down. It is about the pain, sorrow and grief that motivated me strongly to convey my thoughts.

This painting is sold and 100% of the value is donated to Redcross Ukraine.

For more details:https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=368946825236329&id=100063630425263


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