Let me bloom

It is unimaginable and deeply painful that so many innocent lives are being forced to be sacrificed in the war.

Everyone born in this earth for a purpose, to leave their footprints with their contribution towards the mankind by their wisdome, kindness and love that they learn from their families and the society around them. Everyone should have a fair chance to live, learn and give back before they leave for the heaven. That right shouldn’t be taken away just after their birth or when they are still kids. I mourne for those little lives who didn’t get a chance to bloom as they became war victims.

This artwork of mine is for the kids who are trapped in the war zone.

I am thankful to Jennifer Hamlin for sharing her photograph in the “free reference photo for artists” Facebook page.

I used sennilier pastels on 9×12″ pastel mat.

Total time taken to complete this painting is little more than 16 hrs.

It took me three hours just to freehand sketch the subject.

50% of the procced will be donated to Redcross Ukraine.

Let me bloom

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