Artist Bio

Sudakshina Bhattacharya (born 1983) grew up in a small town of ‘Kalyani’ close to Kolkata(India). Though she holds Masters degree in Technology  and worked as research scientist, art has always been her first passion since her childhood.

Returning back to the world of art after 18 long years, Sudakshina loves to explore her art skills in the 4 major domains – Nature, Wildlife, Portrait and Still life. She takes inspiration from every happy element of the nature and tries to put her best creative effort to get beautiful outcome. Her artwork can easily grab the viewer’s attention through her unique style of bold colors and detailed brush strokes. “While emotions fly like butterflies, soul blossoms like a flower and dreams are so vibrant, then there is every reason to be happy in our life” –  that is the main message that she wants to convey through her paintings. At the first glance of her painting viewers feel themselves connected to the story that she creates through her brush and bold colors. Sudakshina tries to capture something new and unique each time.

Sudakshina’s journey in the art world began at age of 2.5 years when she appeared in a neighborhood art competition and there she amazed the judge of this art competition with her power of observation of the real world, presentation and brilliant use of resources at such tender age. As days passed by, Sudakshina explored the world of art and culture while keeping a balance with her academic growth and other extracurricular activities. She amazed everybody around her by showing her skills in numerous activities including art works, music, dance, social works and so on. She won many state level and national level art competitions. Academically also Sudakshina thrived in Mathematics and Physics in national science talent contests.

While in 8th grade (1997), poor health conditions forced her to choose between world of art and studies, and she end up staying away from art world. After graduating as Computer Science Engineer she joined renowned Government Organization of India as a Research Scientist. In her Master’s thesis, Sudakshina worked on “Formal Verification of Software Architecture”.

Life took a new turn after she got married (2011) and became mom to a beautiful baby boy. In 2013, when her little prince got sick and needed full time care, in the absence of family support, situation forced Sudakshina to resign from her prestigious job and transformed into full time homemaker. Rejected from family, resigned from job, disconnected from friends, detached from any social connection and in a new place, with no support and help, she had no clue where the life was taking her. The physical, mental and emotional turmoil took a toll on her health to an extent that her normal life almost was paralyzed.

It was only after moving to Massachusetts that Sudakshina got a chance to meet many artists like Jean Hart at Lexington Arts and Craft Society (LACS) on their Open Studio event. After seeing few images for her old paintings Jean suggested her to join LACS. Being a full time mom of a toddler, and having no confidence on her recent art skills, she wasn’t able to commit something new. Constant encouragement from her husband motivated her to start her journey into the art world and she held painting brush once again after a break of 18 long years.

Sudakshina joined LACS in June 2016 after her 3 yrs old son started to go to daycare. She decided her Artist Name SuWani from Sudakshina and Ashwani, her husband. She participated in four main art exhibitions of the gallery and was awarded  “Eva Kashket Prize for Excellence in Oil or Acrylic” in the annual painters show (May, 2017) at LACS.

From artist to scientist and then full time mom and finally artist again, her life swinged from one end to another and she hold it tight without losing any hope. Thrilled by the challenges, Sudakshina always tries to do her duties with full sincerity and dedication no matter what life has for her in its basket. As the health condition always gave her set back and has been a perennial concern for her, but she knows how to overcome the storm and deal with it. With all odds she knows how to survive and that too with pride and head held high.

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“Eva Kashket Prize for Excellence in Oil or Acrylic”, 2019

“Eva Kashket Prize for Excellence in Oil or Acrylic”, 2017


Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, Lexington, MA, USA


  • Lexington Open Studios – April, 2019

Exhibitions :

  • Holiday Market Place, LACS – Dec. 2017
  • Art walk Lexington – Nov. 2017
  • Fall Fair, LACS – October 2017
  • Burlington Public Library – Sept., Oct. 2017
  • Lexington Fitness Club – August, sept 2017
  • LACS Annual Show for painters guild – May 2017
  • Lexington Open Studios – April 2017
  • Cuisinart – Feb. 2017
  • Holiday Market Place, LACS – Dec. 2016
  • Lexington Art Walk – Nov. 2016
  • Fall Fair, LACS – October 2016
  • Back door gallery, LACS – Sept. 2016
  • SOWA, Boston – July, 2016
  • Artisan Market Place, LACS – July 2016
  • Art and Adornment, LACS – June 2016