Fairy land

I was very excited to participate in Lexington’s “Fairy Homes and Garden Tour”. But due to some artist block (may be because I am too much into making my sunflower painting series) I couldn’t come up with any idea. Couple of times I tried to sketch fairy, fairy house but nothing satisfied me. Even I took help from Google and went through many fairy paintings there. Nothing worked until yesterday evening when I received message from my real life angel Jean.

I realized that my biggest fear was what if I fail to make a beautiful human figure with prettiest facial expression.  I convinced myself the fact that fairies are  humans with magical powers. People around us who brings magic in our lives with their caring nature, they becomes our fairy. They are beautiful with their heavenly heart, mind and soul. Once I overcome my mental block, I came up with a idea for my painting.

Even though kids are naturally encouraged and inclined towards dangerous activities and gives us near heart attack situations, people says kids are angels too as they come from heaven and they have innocent heart. So my first choice of fairy is a kid. I agree that they have a invisible magic wand with healing power.

For the sketch, I have taken inspiration from many fairy images available in google and then came up with my own composition. After 2 hrs of sketching, It took me another 7 hrs to complete this small 5X7 inch watercolor painting. I have used some glittery metallic watercolors too. 

Fairy Land


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