A beautiful world is waiting

I love to create artworks from the things that I observe in real life, where I find hidden meanings of life that are also relevant to the present world.  My composition in this painting is driven by the following:

Perfectly centered in the canvas just like the Sun in the solar system, sunflowers symbolize longevity and faithfulness because of its association with the Sun. As the core structures of sunflowers follow a particular pattern (Fibonacci series), one can say that when we are organized within us, we can face the powerful forces and still bring happiness to spectators. The flower vase here represents a safe home for a bunch of innocent lives. The apple and the water bottle talk about food and water, essential for all living organisms. The handmade ceramic pot speaks of creativity that comes from the hope for a beautiful tomorrow. The redcurrant cherries in this composition, pushing their boundaries to come forward, are the harbingers of “if there is a will there’s a way”. While that background is filled with lively greenery, there are trees without leaves and branches representing those who have lost their loved ones but are still standing strong so that the scenery doesn’t look empty. Many of us have everything to be happy and some of us are just happy to be there as a strong support system. With a good vision and little effort we can make the world a safe home where peace will be preserved, every living soul will have access to food, drink and education. Education is just like the sunlight that hits objects to brighten them up. I tried to give a creative voice to my dream of a beautiful world which is waiting for us to embrace it with open arms. 

“A beautiful world is waiting”, Acrylic, 16X20 inch.

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This painting will be a part of “A sunflower in return” project to help fundraise for Ukraine’s humanitarian help. I will be donating 50% of its sale value to Red-cross for the same. Click here to know more.

With canvas 22×26 inch.


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