Kiwi for Breakfast

My son asked “Mom why don’t we eat kiwi?”

Me: Because kiwi is a sour fruit.

Son: are you sure? Did you try?

Me: yes I did twice. Both the times it was sour. I couldn’t eat them.

My husband was there and he laughed and said “may be when you tried they were not ready. Kiwi is sweet once it is riped.”

Next day they bought two kiwis. I kept them outside the refrigerator. I checked them regularly to see if it is ready to eat. And my son kept asking me about this.

Finally after an week, the day came when I had to declare that it is soft and ready. We the whole family was excited and curious. I washed it, cut it in two halves, scooped a little in a spoon and gave to husband to taste. Eagerly waiting to see his reaction, he took time but gave us green signal. Then I offered it to my ultimate taster, my son (because just like me, he also has sweet teeth). Saw another ray of hope. Then very carefully I just lick the cutting knife to taste the juice that was sticking there.

Oh yes. It is sweet. My 7 years old conception broke in just few minutes.

I was so excited. I just wanted to hold that moment and what could be the better way than painting. Very quickly I grabbed everything that were in the breakfast table and arranged them and did that painting. πŸ™‚

But I forgot to mention that, my son and husband were still hungry. So before I finished my painting, my son took the kiwi and breads and he added some chocolates for their breakfast. 😦

Watercolor 9″x12″.


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