Last weekend we visited Planetorium at Museum of Science, Boston. My seat was between my son and my husband. One side, while my son was super qurious about everything the instructor was showing and telling us, other side, my husband was taking full advantage of the quite and dark atmosphere and he was snoring high. It was very difficult for me to balance. One side my son was asking me more in depth questions about the universe (that triggered me to think like scientist once again ) another side I had to wake my husband up in every minute (with my elbow poke). As I lost my concentration on what going there, I focused only on the pictorial presentation. I switched my mode from scientist to artist and observed the beauty of the whole universe. I liked the image of nebula I saw there. I saw, captured the image in my mind and tried to remember everything I was seeing there. I decided to paint that and so I did. As soon as I returned from the museum, I did that painting.

Another story I would love to preserve here is:

When the instructor said, “well there is a limitation on telescopes and we cannot see beyond that.”

My 5 years old son smartly walked to her and proudly offered her the brilliant idea of adding a magnifying glass in front of the telescope. πŸ™‚

Did you ever think in such a simple way to solve apparently tough looking problems? πŸ™‚

Acrylic on 8″x8″ gallery wrap canvas.


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