Kiwi for Breakfast

My son asked “Mom why don’t we eat kiwi?” Me: Because kiwi is a sour fruit. Son: are you sure? Did you try? Me: yes I did twice. Both the times it was sour. I couldn’t eat them. My husband was there and he laughed and said “may be when you tried they were not…

Big Hearts

This painting is inspired by the beautiful sculptures I saw at Decordova Sculpture Park, Concord, Massachusetts, USA. Among many other sculptures there I chose to paint this one because: There is nothing more powerful in the universe than LOVE and the most beautiful symbol of love is HEART. The other strong reason from an artist…

Bear Family

My Valentines day special water color painting. Inspired by my teddy bears family. As I was scared that I may have to leave the world before I complete my ‘Shine with a Suspense’ painting, so I worked day and night for last few days and finished my that work on 13th February. Today was valentine’s…

Beautiful and Loving Teacher Β (Archana Β Ma’am ) of my SonΒ 

Pencil Sketch of my son’s teacher. Although, I am not an expert in pencil sketch and currently my studio is all packed up, still I couldn’t resist myself from trying my skills and capturing the kind and beautiful hearted lady in my life who is also my son’s teacher.

Water Lily

Pure Handmade Art Work. Medium:Β Pencil colors

Whale fin

A view of whale cub and mother having fun in water.