The Golden grass

In my childhood my father used to show the nature as the most precious treasure that we should always protect and care for.

When Sun sets, it’s heavy yellowish color reflects on the rice plants as sharp golden knifes. Same thing happens with dry grasses too.

Now jumping to the story behind this painting:

On my husband’s birthday, when our pre-planned idea got unsuccessful then I said. what, we will spend the whole day doing lots of new things like visiting new places, trying new foods, watching movie and all. So we drove and reached to an unknown island. A snow covered quite island. We spent some good time there and while returning back I saw the snow cover marsh field and we were amazed to see the beauty of nature. I captured that in phone camera.

It’s another way to keep the memory alive. πŸ™‚

Acrylic on 10″x10″ gallery wrap canvas.


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