Shakti Rupena

When lord Bhramha, Vishnu and Maheshwar created goddess Durga, they gifted her weapons to fight against demons and a kamandula full of sacred water to recreate new life after destruction of the evil.

Every year we celebrate Durga puja, Navaratri and we worship goddess Durga as a symbol of positive energy and supreme power who protects the good and innocent lives and destroy the evil powers. But how much do we learn or practice in our daily life? Ma Durga fought against the strong demon with the weapons she received from the Gods.  Why we forget about her when we face demons in our life and what stop us to fight against the evil power?

In todays’s world demons are those abusers, rapists, acid attackers, any evil minded man / women who think that women are weak and can be used / attacked / killed anytime anyway.

Through this painting I want to address all the good souls in the entire world and ask them to  know your power, either use these to protect yourself or otherwise the demon may get chance to use them to destroy you. Weapons are meant to protect the innocents and destroy the evils. But when it goes to wrong hand then the ill-intentioned people use it for destrying the beautiful and innocent souls.

Below are the weapons gifted to goddess Durga and their significances.

  • Lord Vishnu gave Sudarshan Chakra which symbolizes center of creation and entire things revolves around her.
  • Lord Varun gave Conch – the sound from which the entire creation emerged.
  • Sword is the gift from lord Kala. Sword symbolizes sense of responsibility with understanding of right or wrong represents sharp intellect.
  • Lord Viswakarma gave Axe and Armor – power of destroy and re-create, no fear of consequence.

  • Lord Vayu’s gifts Bow and Arrow Symbolize potential and kinetic energy.
  • Lord Bramha gave Lotus- represents wisdom, liberation through knowledge, moksh and compassion.
  • Lord Agni gave Spear or Missile – auspiciousness.
  • Lord Bramha gave Kamandalu (holy water) –  ‘amrita’ of life.

  • Lord Indra gave Vajra (thunder) – determination and supreme power.
  • Gada – Loyality, love devotion
  • Lord Shiva gave Trident and Snake. Snake symbolizes Consciousness and conquering fear and moving ahead.
  • Trident represents 3 gunas that human kind is made of – satva, tama, raja. Sattva represents (inactivity). Raja (activity), Tama(non-activity).

“Ya devi sarvabhuteshu shakti – rupena samsthita, namas tasyai (3) namah namah ” meaning of this Sanskrit hymn is: Salutation to the goddess again and again who abides in all beings as power.

In this painting, my main challenge is to bring a calm yet serious expression in her face to represent the present situation in our today’s world where children, women and good men are at risk.

I wrote a part of Aragala stotram in sanskrit language and it’s english translation in the canvas in freehand style with paint brush and acrylic color.

Below is the link for the complete Aragala stotram:

Thanks for reading and visiting my page. Wish you a Happy Durga Puja, Navaratri. πŸ™‚


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  1. Wonderful

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    1. suwaniarts says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚


  2. Kashmica says:

    Awesome.You have proved that art is another form of meditation.A lot of things are there to learn from you….

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    1. suwaniarts says:

      Thank you so much sweet friend πŸ™‚


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