Our life is a big mystery and full of challenges. Back in 2012 when I realized that I got rid of my decade long back pain, I didn’t know that another prolonged health issue is waiting for me. After suffering from chronic sinus infection since 2013, finally I met my present ENT doctor in 2016. After carrying out some medical examinations doctuor said that I need to go for two surgeries in my deviated septum and sinus. Since my son was only 3 years old that time so it was not possible for me to plan for that surgery for which recovery is so long. Gradually my health condition degraded so badly that it not only affected my normal life, I used to survive in daily antibiotics and frequent trips to hospitals/doctors/ urgent-cares and even emergency room . One point of time I felt like I am in a death bed and still there is nobody to help us (me and my son and husband) out so I have to fight back for myself. Without any second though I called doctor’s office and booked a date for my surgery.

“Doctors are next to God”. My doctor proved this to me this time. He has given me another opportunity to leave a normal life once again. I am blessed to have him as my surgeon. So, I was willing to express my gratitude to him in the best possible way. I wanted to make something very special for him just to convey thanks from three of us. I kept going through all the photographs that we captured before, and even some new photographs from NH trip. Then I thought of God’s most delicate and passionate creation. The peacock feather. And for the first time I repeated my theme. But this time I did better in the feather head. Since I have done this painting before it was less challenging but had to finish it within two days and working continuously for 6 to 8 hrs like I used to do before was giving me headache and pain in nose and eyes. Since, its been only 3 weeks after surgery and I haven’t still fully recovered, I felt tired easily and also difficulty in concentration. But with strong determination I was able to finish this just one hour before my appointment with him. πŸ™‚

Also I am equally thankful to everyone who became a part of my journey in the most difficult time of my life. I thank to my family, my friends who  regularly communicated with me for my mental recovery  and cooked for me, my neighbors, my artists friends, my elder sisters, cousin,  friends, my guide, the recovery room nurse, my PCP, my surgeon’s office staffs.


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