That Stare

I bought a reference picture of a tigress about an year and half ago for painting purpose.

What inspired me the most is her calm yet focused look. She is confident about her own strength and she is determined about her next action.

I have started this project on 18th January, 2019. First step was the sketch and for that I spent six continuous hours. That was the longest stretch of time I worked for sketching. It is a completely free hand sketch with use of only ruler for some measurements and proportions.

I spent another six hours to apply first layer of color on the canvas and then transfer the sketch on it and finally block the darker areas. As per my recent schedule I work 9 am-3 pm i.e. 6 hrs a day without any break.

Due to several reasons I couldn’t manage my time to work anymore on that project. I got busy with my other responsibilities like art-workshop, my little painters demands and their t-shirt painting projects, tax filling, preparation for my travel and family’s health issues as we all took turns to suffer from flu and son had to stay at home for couple of days for that. Finally, two deadlines were approaching and one of them was for artwork submission for gallery’s annual event.

Its been a long gap since my last painting (late November) and first time wild life painting on a large canvas with a time crunch to complete this. On the other hand I was determined to give something new to my viewers and to the gallery.

I had to travel on 14th of February. Till 10th of February I didn’t even touch my painting after just the first layer of paint. I kept calm and did my all duties one after another keeping my determination alive.

Finally started working on 11th of February and three days since then I only did painting. Morning 8:30 to night 1 am I worked.

I finished my tiger around 2:30 pm on 13th Feb, filled up my inventory sheet and the painting was at gallery by 3:30 pm. Soon after that I rushed to start my kids art class up-till 6 pm. Did my last minute packing till night 12:45 am. Next day morning we caught bus at 7 am. When I looked back I realized that I can never forget my experience of past three days. Staying focused and confident one can achieve any goal.

“That Stare”
Acrylic on 18×24″ canvas.


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  1. Payal says:

    Awesome. No less than a photograph.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. suwaniarts says:

      Thanku my dear friend πŸ™‚


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