Big Hearts

This painting is inspired by the beautiful sculptures I saw at Decordova Sculpture Park, Concord, Massachusetts, USA.

Among many other sculptures there I chose to paint this one because:

There is nothing more powerful in the universe than LOVE and the most beautiful symbol of love is HEART.

The other strong reason from an artist point of view was, not only this is one of the biggest sculpture in the park, it’s the most challenging one too. This heart is made with metal, there are lots of mini sculptures in the surface of the heart and the whole thing is colored in darkest shade of gray color. So definitely it was a tough challenge to show those real life 3D mini sculptures in the big sculpture into a 2D painting and specially when there is no color difference.

Hope I have done justice to some extent. πŸ™‚

Acrylic on 20″x24″ gallery wrap canvas

This was my first Plein Air painting and I received many beautiful compliments from the local peoples who regularly visit the park. The most common compliment was:

” first time I am seeing someone attempting to paint this sculpture and in such a realistic approach. “



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