Be your own Sunshine…. a shining Earth

Mixedmedia artwork using Acrylic paint, Beads and glass pebbles on 12’X12′ Canvas.

My first abstract art.

Long ago I bought those glass pebbles for home decoration which I never did and finally forgot where they are. Today my son dug them out from somewhere and started playing with them. We made lots of different patterns with them like waves, spiral, flowers and all and also he taught me how her beloved Archana adam (Madam) taught counting. After spending almost two hours with these pebbles little little ideas started taking shapes in my mind. Finally, I came with the idea that those pebbles can make rays …dark rays and bright rays. Mother Earth has two phases day and night. But whether it is dark or bright we the people on this earth are continuously putting our best efforts to spread our positive vibes and good works. We are all made with 5 elements of the earth, so we all carry a little earth within us. We are shining through motivating, inspiring others with our good thoughts, caring attitude, willing to help others and many other positive ways. So, in our life we are all shining earth. πŸ™‚


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