The Third Eye

‘Durga Puja’ or ‘Navaratri’ is one of the biggest festivals in India where people worship goddess Durga as a symbol of  ‘Durgati Nashini’ (destroyer of sufferings or eradicator of woes and miseries).

As per the mythological story, Goddess Durga defeated demons with her power that she received from many other Gods. Lord Bramha (the creator), lord Vishnu (the preserver) and lord Maheshwar (the destroyer) created goddess Durga to destroy the evil power of the demons.

Since my early childhood, I have been taught the significance of the warrior God ‘Ma Durga’ and that all her power and her abilities reflects into her face. My this childhood learning is rooted deep into my memory and so this time when I wanted to make a painting of her face, I didn’t had to see anything for reference. I s

2017-09-14 14.29.31

ketched and painted her face based on my understanding and deep feelings of faith and respect towards her, who exists within all beings in the forms of love, compassion, peace, beauty, modesty, intelligence, knowledge, activity, prosperity, illusion, anger, contentment, power and patience.

I have sketched every parts of her face very carefully without degrading the values of her each attribute and significance.

Being a divine mother Ma Durga’s face is calm and serene. As she exists within all beings, I kept her face structure like someone very simple and common and I tried to hold her calmness and beauty through her expression.

Her complexion is bright golden that reflects her positive appearance.

Her big and fish shaped eyes represents her supreme intelligence and anger for the evils. She is showering her compassion and care for the poor bei

ngs through her calm and peaceful expression.

Lord Maheshwar (also known as Mahadev or Shiv) gave her the third eye. Third eye represents knowledge. It is mind’s eye that provides perception beyond ordinary sight which can also see a persons intuition.

Her sharp nose adds more beauty to her intelligent and elegant look and positive mind.

I have curved her lips very carefully to reflect that her mind is composed and she is happy in her within and also I tried to show the modesty and peace in her divine nature.

Dimple in her chin shows that she is determined and fearless.

Long, thick, black curly hair completes her motherly and divine look.

The divine mother is adorning with white and golden jewelry to shine her celestial beauty and prosperity,

I bow to the ruler of all the senses again and again.

Wish you a Happy Durga Pujo and Navaratri.  πŸ™‚

2017-09-18 18.36.30

Acrylic on Canvas 12″X12″


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