When he asked me “Mom does Super Hero exists ?”

Though in my childhood I have never read any ‘Super Hero’ story (Spiderman and all) but when I grew up I have seen a real life ‘Super Hero’.

My Super Hero doesn’t have a 6-pack figure because he doesn’t have any time for himself. Yes, he is a family man. My Super Hero never fight because he believes only ‘love’, ‘compassion’,  ‘trust’ and ‘capability of understanding’ are the best ways to turn the evil into good.

My Super Hero can sacrifice everything just to make his loved one happy. My Super Hero is bulky, self satisfied, happy and he is my wish fulfiller. No, he is not Santa Clause.

He keeps a secret magic wand and that is his golden heart full of love and trust.

11 years ago when I expressed my dream to become a scientist, he told me about the entrance procedure and eligibility criteria of India Government’s  one of the renouned research organization and it was only because of him (and my bestie Indu too) I was able to submit the application form just before the  last submission hour. Eventually I got selected there and joined as a research scientist.

8 years ago when I expressed my dream to persue my Masters under guidance of IIT professor he encouraged me and guided me the right direction. The day when my interview was scheduled with the professor, there were public transportation strike in Mumbai. He took off from his office and came down from Pune to Mumbai just to take me to IITB on time, he waited outside during my interview and then accompanied me to reach home safely.

7 years ago when I went to a different city to attend a 10 days meditation course  and on the last day I was worried to know that my return train-journey ticket was not confirmed, I saw my Super Hero standing in front of me. As he was concerned about my safe return so he took a overnight bus journey and reached there for me.

Due to an injury in my spine I was going through severe back pain for 8 long years. My parents ran pillar to post to give me relief from the pain. They did everything that a parent could do. When my Super Hero came to know about this health issue, he did a online study and he started focusing on all little little habits (of my) like food, sitting posture, my shoe, weather, emotion, travel vehicle and all and he kept correcting them all and finally my pain gone for forever.

My forgotten dream of becoming an artist one day has become possible because of my Super Hero. Since I didn’t paint for a very long time (18 years), I lost confidence on my art skills but he showed his strong belief on my capability and so, he invested a huge amount of his hard earned money behind my art studio setup that includes iMac, artist grade colors, brushes, easel and so on.

Not only he invested his account, he invested all his efforts, patience and time too. When I do painting, he does cooking, baby sitting and all. He accompanies me in my art gallery, other art exhibitions, art supply shops, framing shop and everywhere to motivate me more. He is my stongest supporter because of whom my first failure has become my most shout after artwork.

I said, “I cannot do Acrylic painting. Fine art with acrylic color is too much difficult”. He replied, “Just keep doing. I know you can do this”. Magic happend — now, my first acrylic painting is the most praised painting though viewer’s eyes.

I was never a good singer but when I expressed my wish to learn ‘Rabindra Sangeet’, he not only encouraged me, he pay for the class and takes me there without missing any class and wait for me there. Though he doesn’t pursue any of his dream or wish but he always puts my wish in his priority. isn’t he a real Super Hero?

When we are in real need of someone’s presence and the answer comes “I am busy” it sounds to us like he/she is incapable to help me with little time. But my Super Hero is not incapable at all. He can do anything for my well being and to see me achieve success.

Recently I am becoming sick again and again and so my Super Hero knows how to keep balance between his own office responsibilities and all household responsibilities (including cooking, taking complete and good care of our 5yrs old son, taking me to doctor, bringing medicine, shopping, laundry and all) single handedly. No, he is not Rajinikanth either.

Nighter my Super Hero ever proposed me like any hero in the movie screen nor we had a “… and they all lived happily ever after.” kind of marriage, but I know that he is perfectly perfect in my imperfect life.

He is ‘Super’ with all ‘common’ human good qualities within him.

My Super Hero is my husband Ashwani. My Super Hero doesn’t wear any eye mask either. 😛










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