That Special Moment

“Best gift for someone is your TIME” — by unknown.

When I saw this post on Facebook (shared by my friend), that reminded me that once my father also taught me the same value.

Every year we used to have a one week break in our school during the Christmas time and my father used to buy me one set of 20 blank greeting cards and asked me to do painting on them for gifting them to my teacher, relatives, friends. That used to be the best time for me in the whole year. When I grew up and due to poor health condition I had to resign myself from all extracurricular activities in order to focus only on studies.

18 years after when I again started my journey in the art world that time I selected Acrylic as a medium of my fine-art. As many of you know that Acrylic is a very fast drying medium with a heavy pigment density so they are mainly used for abstract artworks. Fine art in acrylic needs lots of layering, techniques and off course patience. So creating a quick paintings (either small or for greeting cards) with acrylic is little ‘no-no’.

But Still, this time my heart wanted to forget about all those hectics and wanted to give a try to do something quick, creative and special for someone who holds a special place in my heart. This may not be my best painting but this is my best way to express my love and care for her. Hope she liked it.

Acrylic Painting on 7″X10″ Oval wooden Canvas.



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