Love, Happiness and Peace 

Sending my three angels Love, Happiness and Peace and hope that they will spread their wings and will stay in your life for forever.

Sometimes it is really good to listen to your friend’s suggestion specially when you are overloaded with new and challenging responsibilities in your life due to which it is hard to spend some time with your big canvases and specially when your friend is your well wisher.

So this time I picked three small canvases  (5″ X 5″ gallery wrap) and painted them with God’s one of the fragile earthy-version-of-fairy creations that can steal anyone’s heart. Butterflies.

Hope you enjoyed the above video.  🙂


4 Comments Add yours

    1. suwaniarts says:

      Thanks a lot 🙂


    1. suwaniarts says:

      Than u so much mam 🙂


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