Happy Paintings

“ Morning Glory”

18 x 15 Inch, Acrylic, 500 USD

Last year, I had the fortune of acquiring a remarkable Bavaria 24-karat gold-plated teapot set from an antique auction. During the event, I had the pleasure of meeting the teapot set’s owner, a spirited gentleman in his nineties. Engaging in a captivating conversation that lasted half an hour, I discovered that he hailed from a three-generation blacksmith business in South Boston. Furthermore, he revealed that his elegant French wife had obtained this exquisite teapot set during their honeymoon trip to Britain. Deeply touched by his story, I made a heartfelt promise to cherish and care for this precious heirloom. 

That night I carefully polished the set and let it dry on my kitchen counter. The magic happened on the next morning when the first golden ray of sun gently kissed my newly bought gold plated teapot set. Immersed in the beauty of that moment, I seized the opportunity to capture it, freezing it in time. With great enthusiasm and dedication, I embarked on a recent artistic endeavor, channeling all my skills and passion, to translate that enchanting magic onto canvas. Utilizing my paintbrushes and palette, I endeavored to recreate the captivating essence and intricate details, striving to breathe life into the scene and evoke the same sense of awe and wonder that had filled my heart that morning.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=710893371041671&set=a.352171893580489

“ Spring Renewal”

18 x 15 Inch, Acrylic, 500 USD

After devoting 114 hours of unwavering dedication to my dream project painting titled “Spring Awakening,” my hands and eyes grew weary, but my mind remained invigorated, eager to embrace another joyful haven on a canvas. Thus, I created this painting, where I infused an equal measure of happiness into a countryside neighborhood. Can you count the number of butterflies gracing this scene?


Spring Awakening: https://suwaniarts.com/2023/03/17/spring-renewal/

“ Everything Beautiful is Wild and Free”

18 x 15 Inch, Acrylic, 500 USD

A constant thought that lingers in my mind is “Kothao Amar hariya jaoar nei mana, Mone Mone,” a line borrowed from a renowned song penned by the world-famous poet Rabindranath Tagore. Its essence conveys the notion that, in my imagination, there are no obstacles that can hinder me from losing myself in a splendid world.

My intention was to craft an infinite expanse teeming with an abundance of flowers and butterflies, showcasing an array of vibrant hues. As I immerse myself in their enchanting camaraderie, I am captivated by the sheer beauty they emanate. Can you spot the number of butterflies fluttering amidst this picturesque wildflower field?


“ A Moosey Morning”

18 x 15 Inch, Acrylic, 500 USD

I encountered this handsome guy standing motionless at the entrance of Flume George, NH and in my painting I just let him roam free in the surreal bright morning. As I was still recuperating from the impact of my “Spring Awakening” painting, this background materialized to my dream as hallucination but I have controlled (in fact drastically reduced) the number of butterflies here.


“ A Happy Bear Family ”

18 x 15 Inch, Acrylic, 500 USD

This painting draws inspiration from two distinct experiences that left a lasting impact on me. Firstly, the encounter with a black bear in our very own backyard. The bear’s presence resonated so deeply with me that I felt compelled to immortalize a bear family on my canvas. Secondly, our journey to Mt. Washington on a mesmerizing, cloudy day. As the Mt. Washington auto road shuttle car guided us through dense clouds, my imagination was ignited, envisioning a mountainous backdrop enveloped in a blanket of clouds. 

With this painting, I had nearly recovered from the aftershock of my “Spring Awakening” masterpiece, hence the absence of butterflies. Instead, my focus shifted towards capturing the essence of the bear family and the mystic ambiance of the cloud-covered mountains as key elements in this artwork.

“ Beauty in a backyard”

16 x 12 Inch, Acrylic, 500 USD

Lexington is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, and I had the privilege of being invited to a stunning garden at a home in Lexington for plein air painting. This painting encapsulates all the remarkable elements that captured my heart and made me utterly enamored.


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