‘Amar’ – my immortal love

Like other artists, I was excited to start the new year with a new painting. My year started with injury in my right hand wrist due to ligament tear and infection in my right side shoulder caused from a skin biopsy. Neither giving rest to my right hand nor taking pain medicine is possible as I am mother of a toddler and I am having other health issues for which I shouldn’t take pain medicine. The only way left to vent my frustration and ignore the pain is to turn my mind towards my passion. Painting is the medicine that never fails for me.

It was always in my mind that the first painting of the year has to be something special. I opened my phone gallery to go through the pictures I took for painting and few moments later my finger clicked the facebook icon. I was scrolling down lazily when a photograph taken by famous photographer Denise McQuillan grabbed my attention. The innocence of two deers and pure bonding between them is what motivated me to chose it as my subject. Things that appeared to me as challenging is the background and the foreground both where they can take a safe place and it is giving a clear view of them at the same time. It took me four days to complete the painting as I could work only one hour at a stretch due to my painful wrist. I worked four to five hours a day. Finally I was happy after receiving a very positive response from Denise when I show her my painting.

In order to give a special title for this painting, I decided to use the word “Amar”. In my mothertounge Bengali, “Amar” means ‘my’ and the same word in Hindi means ‘immortal’ and it means ‘love’ in Spanish and Latin. This four letters composition in the world dictionary gives the perfect name for my this first painting of 2022…. “My Immortal Love”.

Medium : Soft Pastel

Artwork Dimension: 12X16 inch

Dimension with frame: 20X24 inch

Contact me at suwaniarts@gmail.com to purchase.


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