Fresh from the farm

Recently I visited a farm in New Hampshire with my family. We spent the whole day enjoying hey-ride, apple picking, pumpkin picking, ate fresh apple-pie, donuts, my kids danced with the local music band and lots of shopping of fruits, veggies, honey, sweets, and all. While returning towards the car my eye caught into a wooden board on a farm stand. lots of colorful fresh and juicy Indian corns were tied into group of three and were displayed against the board. I click few images and later after few weeks finally I selected three images to make one painting. Take it before someone bake it. πŸ™‚

I love to do full freehand sketching. Painting each kernel of corn has taught me patience and maintaining the color balance took another test of my focus and planning.

Title: Fresh from the farm

Medium: Watercolor

Size: 8×10″ Mat 11×14″

Price: $500


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