Happy Harvest

Since this summer my life is full of events and surprises. I had a fun filled summer. Also my new venture as an art teacher kept me occupied and busy focusing on paintings that I designed especially for my students at different levels and age groups. For youth’s art class I planned to design a still life art that will have multiple objects with multiple colors so that it will be good example to teach composition, contrast, layers, color values and also fine strokes. That was the main inspiration behind my painting “Happy Harvest”.My injured foot helped me to complete the painting on time. When finally I had to take a break from my all other responsibilities and had to rest myself I decided to utilize the whole day for painting. My sweet neighbor picked up my son after his school and my husband took responsibilities of dinner and all house holds and that allowed me spend whole eighteen hours to complete my work.
Acrylic on canvas 11×14 inch.


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