Christmas Mood

Choo Choo chug chug ….”Welcome to the ‘Christmas City’.  Keep your eyes open to experience your exciting and beautiful dream alive infront.” A heavy and cheerful voice has just now greeted us.

As our train entered into the Christmas City we went through huge thick fog. We couldn’t see anything but some sparklings here and there that is the result of the Sun rays kissing the snow covered field.  As the Train moved a little farther and the fog started to thinning down I saw a big bright shiny star on top of a partly visible Christmas tree. As the fog got cleared the tall Christmas tree appeared along with thousands of colorful glittering Christmas ornaments. Suddenly, a little voice shouted from my back seat “Look a big snow man”. In a quick search, my view caught into a big snowman shivering and trying to save his hat and his precious carrot nose. His mufflers were blowing in the strong chilly wind. Why everyone waving there hands towards the sky? That familier voice came into my ears “Ho ho ho … Merry Christmas”. I looked up … a golden reindeer jumping from one cloud to another and behind him Santa seating on a royal cart that is full of colorful and many different size gifts. And now he is droping some gifts from his cart for us. Look at the little bear … he is so happy to receive his gift from Santa. Santa looked at me and waved his hand to me too. A tiny voice clapped and cheered when she saw the fairies. Oh yes there are so many fairies. I can’t believe my eyes that I am actually seeing many fairies. Some are singing, some are dancing, some are showering their blessings on us. All fairies are so happy and peaceful. As I wish to get down from the train to the Christmas city I realized that I am singing a song in my mind. Oh! that is the same tune that one of the fairy was playing with her flute. The tune is still in my head  … “Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way…”

Again, I hard the same heavy and cheerful voice: “Thank you for being a part of the amazing journey to the incredible Christmas City”. The train stopped and I realized the beautiful Journey has come to an end. Just now I have experienced seeing a beautiful dream in my open eyes and now as I close my eyes, I see the complete Christmas scenery and I have framed it in my memory for forever.


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