Shimmering on Silk 


Pure Handmade Acrylic Painting on Canvas  size 12″X 16″.

After a long break when finally I decided to start my painting, the first question on my mind was what to paint. 

So, I started looking at everything around me in a very artistic angle :p but that didn’t help much.

One day my music teacher called me in her house to help her in decorating “Maa Swaraswati” idol. There she showed me a gorgeous silk piece of cloth to put on the idol’s background. That silk immediately caught into my eyes and gave me foggy picture of what to paint. 

Next day I saw a peacock feather in my son’s hand, he took from my studio closet, which  reminded me of my another desire to paint peacock feather. Somewhere on web I read that because of thousands of glimmering colored spots on peacock feather it has been very challenging for artists to do a realistic painting of it and I wanted to try my hand on it.

I approached my music teacher (who has always been my strong motivation and inspiration ) for the silk cloth which she gratefully agreed to. We did some photography of the peacock feather on the silk for my reference.

Though, I am down with throat infection and fever since last three days and in weekend I was very much enagged with lots of other responsibilities, but still I couldn’t stop myself from doing the painting. 

I might have to revisit it again after a few days and to see if I can do more improvements on it. 

Thanks for giving your time to read the story behind my this painting. 

My sincere respect and love to my music teacher. 


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