Blue Jay Bird in Snow


Pure Handmade Art Work on Panel Board

Dimension: 5” X 7”

Medium: Acrylic (Liquitex Heavy Body)

Those days we were newly married young couple with enormous curiosities to explore the nature around us. Also we moved to new country USA. We were at Connecticut and just couple of minutes walk from our house was a huge park named “Wickham Park”. The park contains 250 acres of gardens, open fields, woodlands, ponds, picnic areas and a bird aviary too.

Every weekend morning we used to pack our breakfast and some foods for birds, ducks and squirrels and leave our house to take a long morning walk in the Wickham park.

We made friendship with almost all creatures over there. After a long walk we used to seat in a pond side bench and feed those ducks, bunnies, squirrels and lots of birds. Blue Jays were one among them. My husband used to capture closed photographs of them with our that time newly purchased Cannon camera.

There was a blue jay bird nest near our seating area. But as they had the confidence on us that we will not harm them so some of them were very comfortable with us around their sweet home.

Few years ago we moved to Massachusetts. one day while looking at the old albums, I saw a beautiful picture of Blue Jay taken by my husband where the bird was seating calm with a dignity in his quite look.

Out of curiosity I Google about Blue Jay and to my surprise I came to know that Blue Jays are most popular among birds in the north east America for their noisy, bold and aggressive nature.

For an amateur artist like me that was an enough motivation to try my artist hand on it. It’s a great way to keep my sweet old memories alive too. 🙂


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