Heart full of memories ❤️

It took me months to think about the idea how can I preserve the story that we wrote in our last ten years journey with each other in a very unique and artistic way.

Finally I have come up with this idea. I made small cards. In each card I have listed down all our good memories of one year and in the front page of each card I have sketched all those achievements.

Timeline 2011-2021

And then a big beautifully decorated decorated heart is holding up all these memories that we created in our past 10 years of journey.

We met in 2005 at VECC, Salt lake, Kolkata. First we became friends. Our lives were going in  parallel. He returned back to Gwalior to complete his degree. He joined Infosys. I cracked GATE and selected as research scientist of Govt. of India and joined office in Tamil Nadu. From 2005 to 2009 we met only five times (once a year) and that is for a day or two. After I got posted in Mumbai office, he took transfer to Pune in 2009. That same year I started my masters under guidance of prof., IIT Bombay. We are the couple who never proposed formally each other, we are from the era when having a basic Nokia mobile phone considered as luxury, we never worked in same city (never worked is same state until 2009), we come from two opposite states (in map) of India. Despite of the laguage barrier, food habits, cultural difference, physical distance, social discrimination, family pressure nothing were successful to separate us. We own each other as best gift from the almighty. I will make another project to preserve our roller coaster journey from 2005 to 2010.


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