Essence of Spring

My latest Acrylic Painting inspired by the tulips that I saw in the shop 🙂 Acrylic on canvas… 6×12 inch each.


Last weekend we visited Planetorium at Museum of Science, Boston. My seat was between my son and my husband. One side, while my son was super qurious about everything the instructor was showing and telling us, other side, my husband was taking full advantage of the quite and dark atmosphere and he was snoring high….

Kiwi for Breakfast

My son asked “Mom why don’t we eat kiwi?” Me: Because kiwi is a sour fruit. Son: are you sure? Did you try? Me: yes I did twice. Both the times it was sour. I couldn’t eat them. My husband was there and he laughed and said “may be when you tried they were not…

The Golden grass

In my childhood my father used to show the nature as the most precious treasure that we should always protect and care for. When Sun sets, it’s heavy yellowish color reflects on the rice plants as sharp golden knifes. Same thing happens with dry grasses too. Now jumping to the story behind this painting: On…

Big Hearts

This painting is inspired by the beautiful sculptures I saw at Decordova Sculpture Park, Concord, Massachusetts, USA. Among many other sculptures there I chose to paint this one because: There is nothing more powerful in the universe than LOVE and the most beautiful symbol of love is HEART. The other strong reason from an artist…